Choosing Cremation And A Military Funeral: What You Need To Know


Veterans have certain benefits bestowed upon them, and those rights include burial benefits. While many people think of casket burials at military funerals, cremation can also be chosen as an option. Here are a few things you should know about choosing cremation and arranging for a military service at your loved one's funeral.

The Flag Remains Folded

During a military funeral where a casket is present, the flag is draped over the casket until such time as it is folded and presented to a family member. When you select cremation, the flag is folded and displayed on a pedestal next to the urn. After the funeral services are completed, the flag is presented to the family member in the same way as with a traditional burial.

Your Relative Can Still Have a Military Graveside Service

While no casket will be present, you can still choose to have a military graveside service if your loved one qualifies. The urn can be interred in the gravesite just as with a casket, so you can have the military honors, bugler and gun salute. If you choose to scatter your loved one's remains, the services can be performed at the cemetery where a memorial marker will be placed for your loved one. The military may provide a medallion, headstone or memorial monument for your loved one. For those being buried at any of the national cemeteries, the gravestone will match those already in the cemetery, and it will have an insignia added to reflect your relative's branch of the military.

You May Be Eligible For Veteran Discounts

While the U.S. military offers burial allowances and some assistance with the costs of burial, headstones and funerals, these benefits don't cover all the costs of cremation. If your relative was a member of the of certain military societies or groups, he or she may qualify for discounts with local cremation societies. This can help to further reduce the cost of the services so you have less to worry about as you plan the funeral.

Your funeral home director can help you to understand all of the benefits available to you and give you the information you need about military cremations. Be sure to let the funeral director know right away if you want your loved one to be buried with military honors so he or she can begin the paperwork for all of the services and veteran's benefits your relative is entitled to.


27 July 2016

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