Preplanning Your Funeral: Choosing The Right Marker Or Memorial For You


In the past, the planning of funerals and memorials was largely the responsibilities of the loved ones who were left behind after a person passed away. This way of dealing with funeral planning can place a large burden on grieving family members, causing more stress and even unnecessary strife between family members. Rather than leave that legacy, you may want to consider preplanning your funeral and final resting place. One of the most important decisions that you will need to make is choosing the right marker or memorial for yourself. Get to know some of the different options available to you so that you can get started in the planning process.

Traditional-Style Headstones

One of the most well-known memorial marker types is a standard or traditional-style headstone. An upright headstone is the most traditional option. These are solid slabs of stone that stand vertical at the head of the grave site. You can include a name, birth and death dates, and even favorite quotes or passages of scripture along with images like flowers, doves, or other pictures that are representative of the person's tastes and life.

These headstones can be very comforting for visitors to the headstone, as they are familiar and help them to remember their loved one positively. Other traditional style headstones are flat headstones, slanted headstones, and a bevel marker. All of these leave room for all of the information and memorial quotes that you may want to add on your headstone.


If you are interested in creating a larger memorial for yourself or making a space that could be for you as well as other family members, you may want to consider a mausoleum rather than a traditional headstone and grave site. A mausoleum is essentially a small stand-alone buildings that can house one or more people for their final resting place and include walkways, and other memorials.

Often, mausoleums are designed with an entire family in mind, though there are also mausoleums for individual people. These mausoleums are often very traditional stone buildings with faux columns and almost Greek or Roman architectural styles.

A mausoleum gives you the opportunity to go all out for your final resting place. The design of the exterior can be ornate and traditional with religious images or quotes from scripture or traditional philosophers. Inside, you can add alters, stained glass features, statues, and permanent vases to hold floral arrangements that people bring. If you want to make a big statement for your final resting place, a mausoleum is the way to go.

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7 January 2016

Planning Your Loved One’s Funeral

A couple of weeks ago, one of my dear family friend’s suffered the loss of her husband. After a brief illness, he passed away at a local hospital. Immediately after his passing, she started planning the funeral arrangements. She didn’t want his funeral to be a sad occasion. Instead, she wanted the service to celebrate his amazing life. She worked tirelessly with the professional staff at a local funeral home in order to plan the order and type of service for the funeral. On this blog, you will discover tips for planning a funeral service that will celebrate the life of your deceased loved one.