Buying The Perfect Headstone


Picking out the right headstone can be difficult. It's hard to find a monument that will immortalize the life of one who is no longer with us. To help you out, here's a list of things to consider when picking out the perfect headstone:


Your first concern might be the cost of the headstone. Funerals are incredibly expensive, so you might have a tight budget for the headstone. In that case, you might be shocked to find that gravestones can run around several thousand dollars, and that's on the low end.

Therefore, it is absolutely crucial that you find the best deal possible for your headstone. Cost will vary depending on size, shape, the material used, and the complexity of the inscription, but it can also change drastically from vendor to vendor. You might even find that the best possible deal is from an online seller. In that case, you will want to take extra precautions to ensure that the headstone is created exactly to specification, such as sending a detailed sketch or asking to see the final product for verification before it is shipped.


You don't want to make the mistake of buying a headstone that is either too big or too small for the burial site. If the gravestone is too small, it might seem inconsequential and go unnoticed. If it is too big, it might appear tasteless and distract viewers.

You'll want to take measurements of the burial site and check out the headstones on surrounding graves. This can give you a decent idea of what the norm is for the area, and then you can decide whether you want to abide by that norm.

You'll also need to decide on the vertical height of the headstone. As the vertical height increases, the thickness of the stone will also need to increase, which means that an increase in height results in quite a bit more material being used. This ultimately means a much higher cost for tall headstones.


Finally, you will need to decide on the most important part: the inscription. The contents of the inscription are incredibly personal and thus cannot be standardized. However, the style of the inscription also matters quite a bit. If you want a stylish and fancy inscription, then you might pay quite a bit for that luxury. Carving into the headstone is a very precise business that involves working with a very valuable material, so the most cost-efficient inscription is on that uses simple fonts and short phrases.  

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29 June 2015

Planning Your Loved One’s Funeral

A couple of weeks ago, one of my dear family friend’s suffered the loss of her husband. After a brief illness, he passed away at a local hospital. Immediately after his passing, she started planning the funeral arrangements. She didn’t want his funeral to be a sad occasion. Instead, she wanted the service to celebrate his amazing life. She worked tirelessly with the professional staff at a local funeral home in order to plan the order and type of service for the funeral. On this blog, you will discover tips for planning a funeral service that will celebrate the life of your deceased loved one.