Don't Want To Send Flowers To Your Loved One's Funeral? Try These Ideas Instead


If someone close to you has recently passed away, you might feel as if you are supposed to send flowers, which seems to be the tradition. If you are looking to send something else, however, there is no reason to call the florist and purchase a bouquet. Instead, try one of these unique and thoughtful ideas.

1. Potted Plant

If you don't want to stray too far from tradition but want to do something a little different, try sending a potted plant to your loved one's funeral. It will fit in just fine with all of the flowers that will be sent, but a family member can take the potted plant home and keep it in the loved one's memory.

2. Memorial Plaque

If you are looking for something a little more personal, consider having a memorial plaque made in your loved one's honor. You can have it engraved with your loved one's name, birth date, and other pertinent information. This is also a good idea for someone who had strong ties to the community, such as if you want to honor the loved one's military service, charitable participation, or other help to the community.

3. Food for the Family Members

Don't forget about your loved one's family members. While dealing with the grief of losing a loved one and the stress of planning a funeral, they might not be in the mood for a lot of cooking. Instead of bringing hot food like many other people might, consider sending along casseroles or other meals that can be frozen and eaten later. Another good idea is to send a restaurant gift card, particularly to a restaurant that offers take out service for those who might not feel up to dining in.

4. Charitable Donation

If your lost loved one was passionate about a charitable cause, consider making a donation to his or her favorite charity. Another idea is to donate money to a cause related to his or her death, such as if he or she passed away from a certain disease. You'll know that your gift will make a difference in the life of others and will last much longer than a bouquet would.

Flowers can seem a bit overdone for many funerals. Luckily, there are plenty of alternative gift ideas that you can try. Try sending one of these things in your loved one's memory; your thoughtfulness is sure to be appreciated. Talk to a funeral home for more suggestions.


6 April 2015

Planning Your Loved One’s Funeral

A couple of weeks ago, one of my dear family friend’s suffered the loss of her husband. After a brief illness, he passed away at a local hospital. Immediately after his passing, she started planning the funeral arrangements. She didn’t want his funeral to be a sad occasion. Instead, she wanted the service to celebrate his amazing life. She worked tirelessly with the professional staff at a local funeral home in order to plan the order and type of service for the funeral. On this blog, you will discover tips for planning a funeral service that will celebrate the life of your deceased loved one.