7 Tips For Marketing In The Funeral Industry


Marketing in the funeral industry can be difficult. People often do not like to think about death, and it can be difficult to talk candidly about a topic that is so personal. Still, this does not mean that you should not make a point of reaching out to those who could benefit from your services. These marketing tips will help you move your business in the right direction.

1. Focus on pre-need funeral arrangements.

Anything in the death care industry can be difficult to sell, especially if people do not realize that they need to pay attention to your service. Advertise pre-need arrangements to those who aren't necessarily planning a funeral for a loved one. You might be surprised to learn how few people realize that they can plan ahead. Equip them with the knowledge they need to make good decisions.

2. Create a social media presence -- and don't forget to add personality.

Your social media profiles should help you focus on reaching out to an audience. Make sure to add a bio and photos to your profile, but also stick to making posts that are professional and representative of your company. Finally, make sure you are using videos to convey your personality. When consumers plan funerals, they want to know that the company they leave their loved one with is trustworthy and capable. Show that this is the case in your videos by providing words of comfort.

3. Create an editorial calendar for your blog with emotional appeal.

Ensure that you have a schedule that will help you post excellent content on a regular basis. Take note of any advertisements your funeral home will be offering, and cater some of your marketing posts to the holiday season. One thing that funeral directors must do differently than those in other industries is appeal to emotion. Ensure that your editorial calendar includes posts that are thoughtful and emotional sprinkled in with those that are informative and designed to sell.

4. Promote your business creatively with stories of past services.

Instead of sticking mainly to social media, think about other ways you can relate your business to the real world. You can write newsletters, create brochures or leave business cards in places people might be looking. The old tried-and-true methods still apply. However, you can also use your platform to tell a story about successful funeral services in the past. You may benefit from alerting your audience to a green funeral service you recently offered or why it is still wise to purchase a casket for a cremation.

5. Participate in the community.

Whether you are online or not, communicating with your community is essential. Get involved in sponsoring local events or setting up booths at local festivals. Get your name out there, and show that you are an active participant in your surroundings. Most people are not thinking about funeral planning on a daily basis, but you can remind them that pre-funeral planning is important.

6. Talk to your audience -- but know who is planning the funeral.

Get in touch with your followers on social media, answering questions people have about the death care industry. Death and funerals are still macabre topics by most standards, and few really know much about the process of having a funeral for a loved one. Additionally, you must realize that the person planning the funeral and planning to utilize your services is not necessarily the person the funeral is for. Understand that you are often speaking to a wide range of generations, especially as the baby boomer generation ages.

7. Relay interesting and helpful information to those grieving.

Look for intriguing statistics and figures that will appeal to one of your readers. What are the most intriguing facts supporting the benefits of a green burial? What trends are helping people personalize their loved one's funerals? These are just a few ideas to get the ball rolling. You might also consider creating a list of Frequently Asked Questions for individuals who are mourning and simply want to find a quick answer or list of helpful resources.

No matter how much marketing you do for your business, nothing beats a personal touch. Make sure that you are appealing to the needs of your community in order to truly reach its members. To learn more about funeral homes, visit Foster-Warne Funeral Home


31 March 2015

Planning Your Loved One’s Funeral

A couple of weeks ago, one of my dear family friend’s suffered the loss of her husband. After a brief illness, he passed away at a local hospital. Immediately after his passing, she started planning the funeral arrangements. She didn’t want his funeral to be a sad occasion. Instead, she wanted the service to celebrate his amazing life. She worked tirelessly with the professional staff at a local funeral home in order to plan the order and type of service for the funeral. On this blog, you will discover tips for planning a funeral service that will celebrate the life of your deceased loved one.